The Shaman’s Door: a Poeticized Precis of ‘Invisible Landscapes’, by Terence & Dennis McKenna

There is a disconnected set of assumptions we call “science”, “materialism”. Both forget that entities’ fundamental identities are not the same as their material components. We are more mind, consciousness, than physical beings; a gestalt that begs the evolutionary question: whose tadpole brain switched with the salamander’s? Third eye pineal …

Sine Curve of Aeons

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Two Rivers


Two souls, Like fluid dynamics owned them As they slid subtly under currents People think run the universe, Subsumed one another completely But, Without rational cause,  Like no laws governed any realm,  Came out renewed,  Liberated,  Able to float on winds like vapor, Finding the molecules of their beings Expanded …


Sine Curve of Aeons – Meyers Briggs Types



  Flames rise and fall within and not many can see. We feel innately; we know without knowing, but it’s so hard to resist the fear, to let ourselves become what we can be.   A fragmented fragility, like skin wrapped too tight and thin, was caught in whirlpool ravagings …


Sacred Affair Turned Farce

Traditionally, all across the world, boys and girls have seriously undertaken and highly honored ceremonies and traditions to mark out the transition from childhood to adulthood, to distinctly denote that, beyond a doubt, certain individuals are now officially adults, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. But, for us, …


Sol y Diversión

SUMMER. This is the word teachers live for, I couldn’t dream of being the exception. Still, my heart breaks every Spring. Truly, I mourn the passing of the year. It hurts me, hurts me deeply, and that is because I have been allowed the distinct joy of getting to know …

Watson wishes he had this body...

Exoskeleton: You Are Become Terminator

Teaching: The Biggest Disappointment of My Life

I understand all of it, I’m not confused, I’m not asking for clarification. I’m just sick of teaching. I’m over it. This signals the beginning of the end. As the most idealistic and principled person I know, teaching was a natural choice. I can help people, I’ll never be asked …

Luminous Revenge - Andy Kehoe

Make Meaning

The universe has existed forever. We don’t even know what that means. There is no way for our grey-limited brains to comprehend the meaning of limitless. The idea can’t solidify. We are stuck in that limitation, physically. Then again, we are not so physical, are we? No matter which way …

Omnipotent #WaveOfAction


Green Dragon: the Whiskey Weed

Pain occasionally eats away my will to live. It strikes suddenly and sometimes I cry out in the middle of an otherwise normal moment, prompting people around me to jump back and frantically search the skies for danger. The threat is only inside of me, though. They can’t see it. …

All Day Long

sana meme 1

Seattle Christmas Riots


Muses Afloat

I always thought I could never write fiction. Words are easy, grammar is easy, format is easy, spelling is easy, describing what I see and feel is easy….making shit up and detailing an entirely new world full of entirely new people, however, is fucking hard. That’s what I always thought. …


Slaying the Dragon

People have begun to ask me, “Quorri, why do you always end up in the jobs with the bad principals. Couldn’t it be that you are the one with the problem, not them?” It’s a great question. It’s that old adage, “If the whole world smells like shit, check your …


Sacred Letter

This is the letter I’ve been trying to write to myself for my entire life. Maybe I’m writing it to you, too. Am I? You tell me. Dear Most Beloved, Beautiful, and Sacred, You are more valuable than you might ever know. More people are touched by you and forever …


Mod Podge Your Crappy Laminate Things

I’mma walk you through how to make your crappy laminate furniture better. From desks to bookshelves to stools and chairs, you no longer have to put up with the state of awfulness you find these things in. Let’s face it: we all inherit furniture from our parents, from thrift stores, …

the end

Doom Porn

  The latest Doom Porn to roll our way is coming not from a fringe, conspiracy theory-loving alarmist, but from one of our most rational, materialist centers of authoritative science in our society: NASA. This study is not yet available to the public, as far as I can find, and …


List o’ Bad: A Concise Summary of What’s Wrong in the West

I’ve been gone for a while. Vacation is nice.  I tried not to think about the world while I was hanging out with my family in a winter paradise, but now I’m back and the world is not looking so hot.  With the start of 2014, we have to collectively …